Thomas Schieffer

 Thomas’s professional journey to become a Shiatsu therapist began in a round-about way.

Thomas enjoyed restoring cars and began flying while in high school and also cultivated his strength working with his hands. However he struggled with dyslexia and found the conventional path was never the right fit for him.

Thomas then became a Black Hawk helicopter mechanic and spent 10 years flying around the world and learning about different cultures. He saw a window into the world that both humbled and challenged him with both the beauty and deep sadness he witnessed.

Returning to America, Thomas went on a 2 year ‘walk-about’ to heal his own heart and find a new life path. He realized he couldn’t get away from his challenges without looking at himself. During this time he became involved with a yoga community and began working with an acupuncturist and herbalist. He started his own apothecary and herb farm while learning both Chinese and Western herbal medicine. He worked with David Crow, founder of Floracopeia, learning how to distill essential oils, make herbal medicine, and learned the business of herbalism. He also learned the deeper aspects of medicine cultivating the medicinal qualities through plant’s life cycles in nature, what Thomas calls ‘Qi Medicine’.


Thomas then began training with renowned herbalists, qi gong masters and acupuncturists including Lonny Jarrett, Michael Tierra, and Dr. Yang Jing Ming.

At another crossroads, he realized that making a living as an herb farmer wasn’t sustainable. Thomas’s path then crossed with Shunji Morimoto, a Shiatsu Master who studied in Japan and lived the life that Thomas describes as Buddha. “He was incredibly calm and had endless amounts of energy and happiness.”Thomas studied closely with Shunji weekly for 3 years while living in an Ashram and practicing meditation.

Thomas also learned ancient techniques and body mechanics while integrating the Chinese Medicine meridian system into his shiatsu training. He learned that Shunji’s style of Tao Shiatsu was cultivated thousands of years ago as a form of healing the body and mind by addressing the entire energetic balance of the body, bolstering our innate strength to heal ourselves.


Today, Thomas carries Shunji’s style of Tao Shiatsu forth.Over the years Thomas refined his skills and learned more clinical approaches for traditional diagnosis that complimented his
herbal knowledge.

Thomas is known for his work with people who have experienced trauma and want to naturally attune their body and mind to healthier stress responses. He also enjoys working with athletes, yogis, and anyone who uses their body for healing work.